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Easy onboarding for new caregivers

Team Lead, Strategy, User Research, Prototyping
15 months
Onboarding can make or break a new job. For providers joining this healthcare network, the year-over-year turnover rate was 30% — the primary culprit being onboarding process breakdown.

With providers juggling the stress of employment transition and providing continuous patient care, how might a digital navigator empower them to manage their own onboarding and provide visibility into a largely opaque process?

This project engaged one of the top-5 largest healthcare networks in the US to conceptualize, design and pilot brand new caregiver onboarding tools. The solutions are human-centered, intuitive, and connected across the entire onboarding process from signing the offer letter to credentialing, and through the first 30-days of work.

While employee onboarding is a growth opportunity across industries (costing US industries +$10B annually), building healthcare solutions requires cross-platform and cross-functional collaboration that can have upwards of a 60% cost savings within healthcare alone. Success of these tools requires a balance of experience-led strategy, productivity-forward management, and an agile approach for persistent improvement.

01 - Uncovering Caregiver Needs 

Understanding the new-joiner turnover required a thorough research strategy to identify best practices and improvement areas across a widely varied network of hospitals. I lead these research efforts across 8 acquired hospital networks, +250 caregivers, and 8 business units. As the design lead, I wrote our research plan and trained our small team to conduct service blueprinting sessions, synthesis, and weekly stakeholder reports.

02 - Insight to Implementation

From offer letter to day one, my team uncovered opportunities for clarity and communication to increase efficiency for new joiners and staff. These solutions provided new physicians and nurses visibility into their hiring process, along with clear action items, and also gave the hiring teams insight into ownership and cross-departmental task management. 

The result of this work was 7 design principles, 8 caregiver personas, and 8 Service Blueprints. These artifacts were used in an executive alignment session to outline the current onboarding experience, pain points, and best practices. 

03 - Prototyping and Piloting

In partnership with our client, my team led the product strategy, research, and design from initial concept to prototype and MVP. Through this process we gathered data and transformed insights into experience. These efforts resulted in an MVP that was built and launched as a regional pilot for new physicians and nurses joining the hospital network in the midst of a global pandemic.

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Imagining myself as a new caregiver, this would have made the whole process so much less painful.

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