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Prototype is a feminist makerspace with the mission to promote racial and gender equity in Pittsburgh’s tech and entrepreneurship sectors

Hands-on programs to build equity, support, and new skills.

By providing affordable access to high tech tools and equipment, offering workshops that prioritize the experiences of marginalized communities, and cultivating a gender-inclusive professional support network.

This means valuing our stakeholders, taking time for slow growth, and creating sustainable economic opportunities for our organization.

Sharing skills is at the heart of community. Prototype workshops include tool-based classes like laser cutting, skill-classes like salary negotiation, and unique content from industry experts like how to plan for end of life care and funeral preparations.

Along with co-founder Erin Gatz, we have taught workshops on prototyping, community building, and entrepreneurship at the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

A Social Enterprise framework reveals unique value

The core value proposition for Prototype is as a platform for services across the social network, physical space, and shared tools. Our services, a makerspace, co-working, and an incubator, arise from this unique combination of assets.

Femme-futurism, DIY punk ethos, and bauhaus inform brand identity

Balancing handmade and high-tech aesthetics, the Prototype brand reflects the spectrum of members who use the space, including zine-makers and electrical engineers. I designed and created our internal branded apparel and accessories using a combination of traditional craft and high-tech fabrication.

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At the intersection of identity and craft, Prototype continues to provide a space for feminists of all genders to expand their knowledge and find community.

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