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Hospital of the Future

Healthcare Network
Case Study

A near-distant future of hi-tech healthcare

User Research Journey Mapping Prototyping
Healthcare Network
8 weeks
For this hospital, the future of medicine moves beyond the brick-and-mortar hospital to the comfort of your home. Aligning around this vision was critical for the team to begin building a new platform and care experience.

With a growing demand of personalized, digital-first care, how might an integrated patient and provider experience provide persistent care and business resilience for a hospital?

This project engaged an American hospital network to research, conceptualize, and imagine what an ideal experience of healthcare might hold in the year 2026. The results were a patient-first and technology-driven connected service to support the entire continuum of care, regardless of acuity.

01 - Current Pilot Response

Understanding the response to in-flight pilots and virtual care offerings deployed during the 2020 pandemic required research across programs. Leading these efforts, I conducted 50+ interviews with patients of various levels of acuity and need. This research helped my understand current state users across 6 personas, and was used to build 6 unique journey maps. These journeys were printed into banners and delivered to the client in an on-site gallery-style installation.

02 - Near-distant Foresight

Once an understanding of the current state was assessed, stakeholder interviews were conducted to develop an understanding of future possibilities. I conducted over a dozen additional interviews with business, medical, tech, and patient-advocate interviews to imagine an ideal state.

The result of this work was 6 future-state user journeys delivered in a storybook format. These journey narratives explored a conceptual future with an on-demand care platform from the perspective of multiple personas, both patients and caregivers. The storybook format was used for the client to socialize internally and build common understanding of the initiative.

03 - Immersive Journeys

The final deliverable was an immersive experience for the client executive team to begin aligning around a vision of the future. A concept brand was built to frame the journey narratives interacting in the future virtual care platform. This immersive experience led the participants on a "tour" through a patient's smart home, the hospital's command center, mobile medical fleet, and also interacted with providers and patients at these stations.

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